Blog Post #18: Guardians of the Galaxy Text Effect | Cinema 4D Tutorial

Guardians of the Galaxy Text Effect | Cinema 4D Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will be learning mainly about texturing and light set up, in this example I will show how to recreate the Guardians of The Galaxy Logo, but hopefully this will open your mind to easily recreate something in Cinema 4D that you’ve seen elsewhere, again, it’s all about Lighting and texturing, without that, it’s just a basic type.

Hope you will learn new cool stuff today in Cinema 4D.


What will you be learning in this tutorial:

  • How to add custom Motext in your Scene and use custom fonts
  • How to make your own textures
    • Using Colors
    • Using Textures with different blending modes
    • Using Bump map / Reflection Map / Specula
  • How to light up your scene professionally using Light Kit Pro
  • How to export an Image from Cinema 4D render
  • Add basic Color Correction and retouching in Adobe photoshop

What will we be creating:

Now that you know a lot about the tutorial, let’s get into it

Thanks for watching leave a comment 🙂

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