Visual Intelligence is a
graphics design community, it’s not just a usual
blog/website that uploads tutorials, we prefer to have discussion about topics
in the graphic design industry in general, so make sure to participate in
comments, they’re the best part to meet new people, discuss about the passion
we share and love, that is graphics design.

The community was created by Imad Toubal, a hobbyist
graphics designer and a YouTuber that adores

About the Author:


Imad Eddine Toubal, an
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student from Algeria, born in 1994, an enthusiast
about computer science, mainly Computer Graphics (CG), I am doing Graphics
Design since 2013 so I got less than 2 years of experience, yet I’ve
participated in many professional graphics design projects (you can check my portfolio) I am always ready to learn
new things and I am mostly motivated about CG related news and topics.

My strength points are 2D/3D
motion design, typography and branding, and my weakness is with VFX and SFX but
hopefully that’ll change.

I hope you got an idea about me,
I think that’s enough to own your trust 😛 if not, just enjoy the free
tutorials anyway 😉

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One thought on “About

  1. I’m having a problem with saving my C4D renders as MacOs: Raw formats. I keep getting “Picture Viewer Unable to Save File” message. Is there anything I need to do specific for it to work?


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